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Our non-profit organization rescues newborn babies abandoned in Nevada
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A baby's life is a terrible thing to waste.

The Abandoned Babies© Program
If you know someone who would like to join us, please tell them about our site or download the Abandoned Babies brochure to pass around to your friends. Download our brochure here. (PDF 407k)

“We Solve the Problem at the Root, Face-to-Face”©
Abandoned Babies© comprises of various services to address, reduce and alleviate societal epidemics related to child abandonment. These services refer to areas of health, social, civic and public affairs, education, humanitarian aide and spiritual enlightenment. We offer effective, personal strategic solutions with tender loving care and a helping hand. All benefits are mutual amongst the Organization, the needy children who receive them, the community and those who support the mission and the vision.

We have created a Three-Tier Program along with crisis aid assistance to facilitate the goals of the Organization. Our Three-Tier Program goes right to the root of the problem and solves it there!

TIER 1: PREVENTION - Prevention of Cruelty to Children


This is an outreach program to the communities. It is to create awareness and educate the public about abandonment and all issues surrounding it, through public speaking, training, the printed word, events and the media.

TIER 2: EARLY INTERVENTION – To be a haven where an expecting female up to the age of eighteen (18) can turn to for support and guidance while remaining anonymous.


In this program we will offer a home to the newborn baby if the birth mother chooses not to keep the child. In addition, we will also offer a home to females up to the age of eighteen (18) years old who are pregnant and would keep their babies, if it were not for the negative surroundings in which they live. These females will receive counseling, psychiatric evaluation, parent training classes, financial planning, healthcare, drug rehabilitation and the option to finish school.

Tier 3: CHILD DEVELOPMENT, GROWTH AND ADOPTION – Overseeing the true potential of a child.


Providing optimal healthcare for babies with all diseases and sicknesses including mental and physical challenges, HIV/AIDS, Alcohol Fetal Syndrome, and pre-exposure to drugs. The Organization will be prepared to address and correct these issues through traditional means along with technology. Thus, promoting and helping babies with development of their motor skills and the ability to successfully interact with their caregivers, other babies or peers through effective play and imagination in a stimulating, safe environment will encourage artistic self-expression.

We at Abandoned Babies
© are committed to rendering and aiding in the promotion of good nutrition, positive personal interaction with the babies and cognitive development of good health.

In the event a newborn is abandoned on the streets, we will rescue the baby and provide a good quality life for him or her. We will offer a safe, clean home, and seek loving families for the babies through our partnership with adoption agencies.

Since Oct. 2003, we have received over 200 calls related to child abandonment.

We have national and international interests, we will start programs in other states and countries to save the lives of innocent newborn babies. If you are interested in our program for your state, please email us at Info@HelpBabies.com

If you are hiding your pregnancy, keeping it a secret, haven’t told anyone, and or are scared, afraid, ashamed and don’t know what to do, DON’T panic! And DON’T abandon your baby! Talk with us, we are an anonymous network, we can help you, we’ll never ask you your name!
CALL 702-205-9035 (Nationwide)

Your Confidentiality is Guaranteed!
We’ll keep your Secret a Secret, We Promise!

What We Do

“We Solve the Problem at the Root, Face-to-Face!” ©
We have incorporated different methods to solve abandoned babies’ issues. They are as follows:

Education, Training and Awareness
This will be accomplished by means of our Teaching and Training Curriculum, discussions, panels, open forums, debates, seminars, workshops, conferences, and other events. We will visit businesses, hospitals, schools, churches, synagogues, community centers, detention and drug counseling centers. Abandoned Babies
© will conduct parent training classes, healthy parent and child intercommunication (Trust Dialog), nutritional workshops, life survival skills, finance management, computer training classes and support groups, child abandonment therapy and counseling.

Civic and Public Affairs
We provide advocacy, speaking out on behalf of abandoned newborn babies and children who can not speak for themselves in the public arena. The Organization will also bring to the forefront subject matters that have been ignored or overlooked; making life better for the abandoned. Such affairs will motivate and encourage the public to make a positive change in the lives an innocent abandoned child.

We compile, analyze, assemble and interpret data, creating a method for easy retrieval of information for the general public that relates to abandoned children.

Health Issues
We arrange for medical care for abandoned babies with all diseases, counseling and psychiatric assessment to the birth mothers, maintaining quality health care given to the babies and assisting with upgrading the standard of medical care given to them.

Spiritual Care
Offering prayer, promoting spiritual counseling and growth. In this program the Organization looks beyond physical injuries and focus on those things that hurt long after the physical pain is gone.

Volunteer Services
We encourage people to give us a hand by volunteering. Individuals and businesses collaborate in the communities on common ground as one mind, one heart and one goal - to achieve the ultimate result: change anything that will hinder the healthy growth and development of a new born baby, infant, toddler and adolescent.

Please encourage others who are not active to become active in our cause, and become a team player and role model. Everyone is welcomed!

Please click here to Volunteer.

Creating Awareness and Solving the Problem with Special Holiday Social Services Programs for children with low income single parent families. Giving to the needy in time of Crisis.
Social Services Programs
These programs are designed to give support to economic, humanitarian and emergency crisis involving newborn babies and children, in the event of a flood, fire, tornado and all other natural disasters. These services are to assist children in our communities with needs that would normally go unmet. More specifically, they assist children whose parent are facing economic and financial hardships; and as a result can not provide for their child as they would have. Children up to the age of eighteen years are assisted. Because of the complexity of abandonment, several programs on different levels have been designed to target and inform the community about abandonment and reduce the chances of a child being abandoned.

These programs include:

So Thankful© - Provide sit-down Thanksgiving Dinners. The purpose is not only for that reason, but to serve as an educational and social experience for each child. This is scheduled in the month of November for each year.

Dear Santa
© - Our aim is to give each child new Christmas toys and Christmas trees, to as many children as possible. We will also give them decorated Christmas trees.

The Bunny Hop
© - We combine this festivity with the subject of abandoned and unwanted newborns. A fun filled Easter experience, where abandoned, abused, neglected and other children in our communities will hunt for Easter eggs and play games, in a safe and monitored environment. They are able to socialize with their peers under the supervision of their parents and enjoy the holiday.

© - Abandoned Babies© Organization will distribute new clothing and school supplies to the needy children in our communities.

Yummy Tummy Feeling Good
© - This program rebuilds the self-esteem of an abandoned, abused, neglected or homeless child. It gives hope to the hopeless and let them know that they are somebody and a very special somebody. It also serves as an educational and social experience. Each child is treated to a day out on the town, including a meal at a fine dining restaurant, extra curricular activities and treats. This program is sponsored by businesses, businessmen and women in our communities.

© - Businesses & public agencies; a special program geared to business that are legally responsible for accepting abandoned babies.

ABANDONED BABIES PROGRAM - In Hospital - This program gives TLC to newborns in the hospital.

© - Referrals and Counseling; Serves to help people who need services outside of our domain.

(All of our events give us another opportunity to reach more people in the communities, where we would have not been able to. So we utilize this time also to inform the community about our message and vision.)

Throughout the year, Abandoned Babies
© presents various events to help promote and aid the cause.

Of course, we cannot possibly accomplish any of this without YOU!
Please support this important cause!

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