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Our non-profit organization rescues newborn babies abandoned in Nevada
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We offer our services for unwanted pregnancy and abandoned babies
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A baby's life is a terrible thing to waste.

Your support can make a difference in saving the lives of babies!
Abandoned Babies© need every bit of help you can spare! We appreciate any contribution you can make, whether it be monetary, gifts in kind or your time. Abandoned Babies© Organization does not receive any state or federal grants and is totally dependent on the community for its support. When Senate Bill 191 was signed into effect on May 31, 2001, no money was designated. The door is open to help abandoned babies, but now it's up to us!
This little guy needs YOU!
The problem is that the Legislature, grappling with budget shortfalls, passed the law in 2001 without any money for public awareness. "Although our legislators did a wonderful job getting this bill through, it was passed without a budget and without any plan for public education," said Advocacy Chairwoman Lynne Ann Biscay of the Junior League of Reno, a primary supporter of the bill.
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Financial contributions are necessary for the care of the babies, as well as administration costs and marketing campaigns to heighten public awareness.

Gifts in Kind - Material donations such as supplies, clothing, furniture, a car, house, etc. are all 100% tax deductible! It is impossible to run a home for the children without basic and administrative needs being met. Click here for a list of the major and most prevailing needs of the organization.

Volunteers - Show your support by giving of yourself! Professionals, skilled and unskilled Volunteers are always needed. Use our online volunteer form to offer your time.

Speakers, and prospective speakers, we have a training and teaching curriculum for giving presentations, speeches, workshops and seminars on child abandonment. Please help us raise awareness with presentations at schools, hospitals, etc.. If you would like to speak on behalf of abandoned babies or you were abandoned and want to share your story, we invite you to join us and become an ambassador. Email us at Info@HelpBabies.com or submit the volunteer form.

The Facts of baby abandonment are astounding.
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