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ABNAC - Abandoned Babies National Annual Conference

Please consider joining us
at the 2006 Abandoned Babies
National Annual Conference
in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Abandoned Babies National Annual Conference
Conference Theme
Helping the Children Survive.
The focus and goals of the conference is multi-fold:

1. Encourage the national government, state, and local entities to acknowledge very specific abandoned children concerns.
2. Facilitate and increase awareness in our communities about child abandonment, while educating and informing professionals and non-professionals on key updates and information related to abandoned babies and children in the United States.
3. Present new solutions that can be effectively executed with aiding in the prevention of children being abandoned.
4. This conference will offer a clear understanding why birth parents abandon their babies, how to identify the profile: the psychological and social effects that an abandoned child, and the biological parent's struggle with.
5. Learn about various child abandonment laws throughout the United States.
6. How can the adoption process be made easier for people to adopt in the United States of America.
7. Is the adoption process really working? How should it be improved? How can raise the interest in adopting children?

Who Should Attend? Who will Benefit?
Front-Line Service Providers
Social Workers
Health Professionals
Children Defenders/Lawyers
Crisis Prevention Service Providers
State Employees
School Teachers
Faith-Based Organizations
Community Based Providers
Social Service Employees
Directors of County/Borough Education
People working with Children or Youths
Emergency Services Provider
Community Centers Employees
Fire Departments & Station Staff
Hospital Staff
Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Child bearing females or males.
Anyone interested in the Safety and Wellbeing of Children.

We are in need of a few more speakers. We also welcome speaker topics and ideas.

If you are interested in speaking at the 2006 ABNAC conference, have any questions or suggestions please email us at info@helpbabies.com as soon as possible. We are also looking for volunteers to serve in other capacities as well. Please download our brochure! (PDF 407k)

If you would like to attend conference, we welcome you. If you are interested in speaking, we must approve your registration. Please download our printable Speaker Registration Form for details.

Word Document - Speaker Registration - 85k
PDF Document - Speaker Registration - 191k

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